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Calorie Counter – Fitmi App

July 25, 2016Key Points
  • Fitmi app helps to track your diet and exercise in less than 5 minutes a day! It’s that fast and easy.
  • Fitmi helps to track a food just by scanning it’s barcode.
  • Fitmi helps to connect with over 10+ devices and apps including Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin etc.
  • Easiest and fastest food entry – remembers your favorites, add multiple foods at once, save and add entire meals, and more.
What Technology is used in this project
  • .NET ,Objective-C , JAVA
  • Web API , MSSQL

  • view_screen_fitme2
  • view_screen_fitme3
  • view_screen_fitme4
  • view_screen_fitme5

Project Management App

July 25, 2016Key Points
  • With this MTCPM application stay connected with your clients or team and get all the active projects on the go.
  • Easily get notified upon any activity on any project.Send quick message or post comments, notify the other members of the project and go through the activities for any project at anytime.
  • An application to deliver your projects on time, track daily work progress and collaborate with clients to serve them in a better way.
What Technology is used in this project
  • Xamarin , .NET , PHP , AngularJS
  • MySQL , MSSQL , Jquery , Ajax

  • view_screen_PM1
  • view_screen_PM2
  • view_screen_PM3
  • view_screen_PM4

Pushkah App

July 25, 2016Key Points
  • The Official Project Ignite App makes it easy, convenient and secure for Jewish women to give tzedaka on Friday night at licht benching. Wherever you are in the world, honor this auspicious time with the tradition passed down from mother to daughter for generations: dropping a coin into the pushka and asking Hashem for your heart’s most fervent desires.
What Technology is used in this project
  • Xamarin, .NET

  • view_screen_pushkah1
  • view_screen_pushkah2
  • view_screen_pushkah3
  • view_screen_pushkah4

Olympicidea App

July 25, 2016Key Points
  • The app allows the users to enjoy all the benefits of the club, on the go from their Android Devices.
  • Discounts, Deals and Freebies are found on the map of this app.
  • Users can send their friends invitation to join.
  • The main features of this app are: Direct Access to user’s Backoffice, Business, Map, Discounts, Deals and Freebies search.
What Technology is used in this project
  • Android , JAVA
  • SQL Lite, Amazon RDS

  • view_screen_olympic1
  • view_screen_olympic2
  • view_screen_olympic3
  • view_screen_olympic4
  • view_screen_olympic5

Bluejay Mobile – Health app

July 25, 2016Key Points
  • This application is a professional health and physical therapy app which helps the physical therapists to share self-care and treatment videos and tutorials with their patients easily.
  • With help of this application, therapists can choose video clips from a huge video library produced by doctors and specialists.
  • Therapists can upload their self-made videos here and can share it with the patients and can also make it customized as per the client needs.
  • This app offers facilities like: communication tools like, multimedia messaging, health reminders, and customized post-exercise surveys for the patients.
What Technology is used in this project
  • iOS ,Objective-C
  • MySQL server

  • view_screen_bluejay1
  • view_screen_bluejay2
  • view_screen_bluejay3
  • view_screen_bluejay4

IbuySell Ecommerce Platform

July 25, 2016Key Points
  • iBuySell is a fun and exciting real-time peer to peer marketplace to shop or sell your favorite items directly and also creates a platform to make it exciting for buyers and engage directly with their sellers in a riveting live real time environment.
  • Selling is easy at iBuySell simply snap images of your products, write description, enter a maximum, a list price and a minimum price (secret) of your choice and list your items. Your products then get scheduled for live sale.
What Technology is used in this project
  • PHP, Prestashop , AngularJS
  • Ajax, JQuery
  • MySQL

  • ibuysell1
  • ibuysell2
  • ibuysell3

BIDOLOGY – Marketplace

July 25, 2016Key Points
  • An online Bidding portal based on local market.
  • The buyer can upload images and description of the work.
  • Bidology helps them to get connected with the Local Service Providers
What Technology is used in this project
  • PHP , AngularJS
  • Ajax, JQuery
  • MySQL

  • bidology_01
  • bidology_02
  • bidology_03 – Custom Designing & Printing

July 25, 2016Key Points
  • PrintAura is a platform where users can set up their own store and create custom designed products for sale. When a customer come to the user specific store and buys a product, all information get stored in Printaura automatically, they prepare, print, and ship the order to your customer under user brand.
  • The platform has a robust , smooth designing tool for users. Stores like woocommerce , ebay , etsy, bigcommerce , shopify, opencart can be easily integrated with the platform and its also integrated with Infusionsoft.
What Technology is used in this project
  • PHP , AngularJS
  • Ajax, JQuery
  • Web API , InfusionSoft API, Woocomerce API , Etsy/ Shopify/Bigcommerce API
  • MySQL

  • pa1
  • pa3
  • pa2

TQ Diamonds Jewellery Website

July 25, 2016Key Points
  • TQ Diamonds is a jewellery store located in Madison, Wisconsin. The site is there online business portal.
  • The official site displays their huge collection of diamonds, jewelries, watches and many more items.
  • The site has its own shopping cart. Visitors can buy items of their choice by adding items in cart.
  What Technology is used in this project
  • Magento, PHP 5
  • Jquery, Ajax, HTML 5
  • MySQL

  • TQ1
  • tq_1
  • tq1 Law Website & Microsites

July 25, 2016Key Points
  • DMC criminal defence team has over 4,000 case victories and four (4) Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists per the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization (the most Certified Criminal Law Specialists of any firm in Arizona).
  • The site contains all the useful information and blog about DMCantor and it has several micro sites as well for specific services.
What Technology is used in this project
  • PHP 5 , Mysql
  • Jquery , Ajax

  • dm1
  • dm3
  • dm2


February 6, 2015Key Points
  • The Application works as a Point Of Sale software
  • It supports iPads, Android Tablets, Windows, iMacs and Traditional POS system.
  • The POS system works in offline mode too. Even if internet connection is lost, the business is still able to operate.
  • The system offers integration with user’s existing online inventory store like Amazon or a Magento Store.
  • Offers hassle free take care for refund policies, redeeming offers, discounts.
  • The app accepts Cash, Credit cards and debit cards and provides easy customer receipts, invoices and reports.
  • It is integrated with Quickbooks Online as well as Xero accounting software.
What Technology is used in this project
  • Visual studio 2012 WPF application
  • Objective C

  • pos_1
  • pos_2
  • pos_3

Customer Relationship Management

February 6, 2015Key Points
  • The Application works as a Customer Relation Management system integrated with Email Marketing
  • It helps to improve customer relationship and gain sales productivity.
  • The app has option of marketing tool to help in setting up email campaigns, Auto responders. User can design their landing pages and web forms with help of this app.
  • The Online Retail module gives the user option to manage online store, inventories
  • It provides easy customer service and secure doc management system.
What Technology is used in this project
  • MVC (C#))
  • Jquery, HTML 5
  • crystal report

  • crm_1
  • crm_2
  • crm_3
  • crm_4
  • crm_5

Face Recognition Software

February 6, 2015Key Points
  • This is a face recognition software. It can be implemented in any member restricted areas
  • Security Manager can be able to see all members who are entering the zone .
  • Will provide automatic red alerts when any non member tries to enter the secured zone.
What Technology is used in this project
  • JAVA Swing
  • JDBC
  • SQL Server

  • face_1
  • shot-53
  • shot-316
  • shot-413


February 6, 2015Key Points
  • The app helps baseball players to create their personal free account and upload their Photos, Videos and Status updates.
  • The players can get connected to the coaches and professional trainers through this app.
  • The profiles of the players are then checked by the coaches and the players can get themselves screened by the top baseball coaches.
  • The app gives the upcoming and budding baseball players a full exposure to college coaches and pro scouts.
What Technology is used in this project
  • iOS
  • Objective-C

  • view_screen_show_us_u1
  • view_screen_show_us_u2
  • view_screen_show_us_u3
  • view_screen_show_us_u4


February 6, 2015Key Points
  • This app allows people to place ad of their products they want to sell (whether it is first or second hand) and chat directly with the buyer. Same is allowed for the buyers, they can check out products for sale and can contact with the seller directly.
  • People can post images as well as videos for his products.
  • The app allows to post endless amount of ads. Thus a seller having online web shop can post ads of the entire store.
  • Whether the user is a professional seller or having just a second hand good to sell, all can use this app.
  • There are options for search and nearby functions to find the ads near the local areas.
  • The app lists all recent ads for ease of search.
  • A buyer or seller can follow other people to check their work updates, using credit a seller can place his/her ad on top.
What Technology is used in this project
  • iOS
  • Objective-C
  • SQL Lite, Amazon RDS

  • view_screen_Stallchat1
  • view_screen_Stallchat2
  • view_screen_Stallchat3
  • view_screen_Stallchat4
  • view_screen_Stallchat5


February 6, 2015Key Points
  • The store locator app helps people to find farm stores where they can buy local foods.
  • This app enlists all local farm stores in Sweden
  • It ensures buy local campaign in the locality
  • Sweden’s farm shops from north to south with contact information and respective images are stored in the app and user can check it out easily.
  • The app also includes podcast series ” Gårdspodden ” which can be heard directly in the app.
What Technology is used in this project
  • Objective-C
  • iOS
  • SQL Lite, Amazon RDS

  • view_screen_gb_store_locator1
  • view_screen_gb_store_locator2
  • view_screen_gb_store_locator3
  • view_screen_gb_store_locator4

Medical marijuana Website

February 6, 2015Key Points
  • This is a one-stop-shop for anything related to Cannabis.
  • Users are able to learn about medical marijuana from the site and always be up to date
  • The website also helps people to find local Doctors and medical marijuana Dispensaries.
  • Users can explore the Strain Database and be a part of the Social Network community!
What Technology is used in this project
  • PHP 5.5
  • Mysql 5.4
  • Codeigniter
  • PHPFox
  • jQuery, fancybox, elastislide
  • Bootstrap 3.0
  • Linux AWS
  • shot-1
  • shot-2
  • shot-3
  • shot-4


February 6, 2015Key Points
  • Local (United States of America) and International old newspaper archives ranging from 1753 to present.
  • Online historical and genealogical newspaper articles, obituaries.
  • Special Archive Collections like Martin Luther King, etc.
  • Commercial online database.
  • Full text searches can be conducted by keyword, date, and location. Results are free and premium as well.
  • Access to the newspaper articles.
  • Advance search options.
  • Easy online subscription method.
  • Shopping Cart for Newspapers.

  • newspaper1
  • newspaper2
  • newspaper3
  • newspaper4

HD aerial production company

February 6, 2015Key Points
  • A HD aerial production company which offers aerial video imagery featuring the specially designed and fully customized Airbus.
  • Once admin have the footage in hand, they are ready to bridge the gap between capture and post with Apple_qt_s Final Cut Pro software suite. Admin has the facility to upload videos and images to showcase in the website in different formats
  • People can view the stock videos gallery, preview them and buy them as per the need.
What Technology is used in this project
  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • Jquery
  • Smarty
  • Custom PHP
  What DTS Provides for this project
  • IT Performance optimization.
  • SEO Consulting service.
  • Development of website.
  • Search Engine Submission & Optimization.
  • Quality control.
  • Setup server and go live.
  • 24 X 7 IT support.
  • Customer support for any technical problems.

  • shot-13
  • shot-23
  • shot-33
  • shot-42

Online Magazine Portal

February 4, 2015Key Points
  • Launched in 1922, Reader’s Digest has built 90 years of trust with a loyal audience and has become the largest circulating magazine in the world.
  • A monthly magazine covering almost all areas of life including, entertainment, health, food, beauty, food & drink, books and many more .
  What Technology is used in this project
  • Drupal Version-7
  • PrestaShop
  • Jquery, Ajax
  • MySQL

  • shot-14
  • shot-24
  • shot-34
  • shot-43

Unique Sports

February 4, 2015Key Points
  • Mission at Unique Sports is to provide a wide variety of high-quality sporting goods.
  • Unique Sports ( is founded in 1997 as the premier online shop for sports products, sporting goods, and training equipment.
  • Once Players are registered in the system, they offer them full exposure to college coaches and pro scouts at all levels.
  What Technology is used in this project
  • Drupal Version-7
  • Jquery
  • AJAX
  • MySQL
  • shot-26
  • shot-36
  • shot-45


February 4, 2015

Key Points

  • A platform which helps baseball players to connect with coaches and college programs.
  • Coaches will be able to share latest news and post blogs related to the game to help players.
  • Helps players to create their own personal profile to showcase with their game pictures and videos

What Technology is used in this project

  • PHPFox
  • Jquery
  • AJAX
  • MySQL

  • shot-25
  • shot-35
  • shot-44

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